Talent Alliance


Rich resources

The company has a talent resource database including hundreds of thousands of middle and senior talents, and uses professional headhunting software for efficient management. It has experienced team of headhunting consultants with many years of recruitment experience, and most of the team members have related work experience of their responsible industries.


Extensive network for talent search

We have a considerable number of part-time headhunters and well-connected candidates who are active in different industries and regions and are able to provide the information and talent we need quickly and accurately.


Senior talent selection consultants

Provide full professional support for the selection of special and senior talents to effectively ensure the accuracy and suitability of candidates.


Quick response

5 to 8 workdays to provide report of recommended candidates, respond to customer needs.


Controllable process

Report the progress of the position, market conditions at least once a week.



Persevere in any position, and strive to recruit satisfied talents for customers.